Screenshot estimated noise forecast

The free “Online Tools” are two useful calculation tools that simplify the daily routine work of a noise protection expert. Just try adding two or three levels with our toolbox, really easy and extremely practical in everyday use!


1. Estimated noise forecast

The rough noise forecast enables you to easily calculate noise immissions in accordance with TA Lärm.
6 main windows are used. The data independent of the immission points are entered in the EMISSION window. The other windows are intended for 5 selectable immission points. You can do the calculation either using coordinates or simply using distances.




2. Spectra Toolbox


Screenshot Spectra Toolbox

Our toolbox offers you various options for processing octave spectra:

  • Energetic addition and subtraction of several spectra
  • Energetic averaging of several spectra
  • Numerical addition of several spectra
  • Numerical addition and numerical subtraction of individual values
  • A, B, and C weighting of spectra

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